Installing xmgrace on OS X

16 May 2011

You want to get grace (xmgrace) working on OS X.

  1. Install XQuartz.

  2. Log out of your user account and then log back in.

  3. Install or make sure that you have Homebrew.

  4. Curl (used by brew to download packages) sometimes has problems reading from the server where grace is hosted. To solve this, add or make sure to have the following option to your .curlrc:

    $ echo '--disable-epsv' >> ~/.curlrc
  5. Finally use brew to install grace:

      # just to make sure everything is fine
    $ brew update
    $ brew doctor
    $ brew upgrade
      # tap into x11 (needed since early 2015)
    $ brew tap homebrew/x11
      # now we should be able to install xmgrace
    $ brew install grace
  6. That’s it. (Hopefully.) Invoke xmgrace by running, e.g.,

    $ xmgrace &

This should work in Snow Leopard (10.8), Mavericks (10.9), and Yosemite (10.10).

(Last update: 21 April 2015)